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4.7: "I'm still here"

Back when I was twenty
They said I wouldn't last
All that I believed in
Were the teachings of the past

All I ever wanted
Was to keep the world secure
And all the criticizing
Was something I'd endure

The changes that I've been through
And the trials along the way
The battle isn't over
And I'm living day by day

But I'm still here

Some say that I'm a hero
But I'm just being me
With my filter I can hide
My true identity

One day when I was flying
Across the open skies
I saw the bridge to freedom
Had been weakened over time

The server room was burning up
And melting the array
A little breath of cold air
Was enough to save the day

But I'm still here
Better than I've ever been before
I'm still free
Close a window, open up a door
I'm still me


Now that I am older
And I've been around so long
The world is ever changing
I'm still righting all the wrong