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3.8: "Hackers of the Lost RAID"

Narrator: Welcome friends to the adventures of Puffiana Jones!

Brought to you by the good people at OpenBSD!

Whether braving jungles of wires, oceans of code, or hacking the most treacherous of crypts, one fish fights for justice. With bravery and morality like none other, one name rings true. Puffiana Jones, famed hackologist and adventurer!

Tracking down valuable artifacts and returning them to the public from the steely grip of greed. Many a villain has he pummeled, many a vile vendor has he thwarted, countless thugs, lawyers and kitties abound.

Join us now in his latest adventure. Hackers of the Lost RAID!

Marlus: Puffy, this mission will be dangerous.

Puffy: I'm a careful guy Marlus.

Puffy and Salmah: They're hacking in the wrong place!

Beluge: You will never get the documentation Jones! Ah ha ha ha ha!

Puffy: Now you're gettin' nasty.

Puffy: SCSI's, why'd it have to be SCSI's?

Salmah: API's, very dangerous. You go first.

Narrator: Through thick and thin our hero persists, until finally, there before him lies the answer of the ages. How to get OpenBSD, the world's most secure operating system, to communicate with the lost RAID. But alas, he is foiled once again by the evil Neozis. Again he must chase the truth. Will our hero prevail?

Triumphant again! Join us next time for the continuing adventures of Puffiana Jones!